Hello – we are happy
to meet you 🙂

Hello from our family

Forty years ago, we were looking for a place to disconnect. From everyday life and errands. From busy city streets. From crowd and noise.

We found a perfect spot for both disconnecting and connecting. Disconnected from the real world, we connected with nature, sea, beauty and love.

Every time we returned and camped under the stars, we instantly felt great. Soon after, we figured it out it was because of the sound of crickets — the most striking sound we quickly associated with the magic of this place.

Our idea was to share that magic with the world. To build a place for people to reconnect. To feel summer breeze under the moon and pine trees. With some great local wine and food. With the sound of sea and — crickets.

“We want to share the magic of this inspiring island”

If you would like to know
more about Cricket House,
just write to us. 🙂