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Cricket House

Disconnect to connect

Welcome to a family guest house on Pakleni islands. Islands with no cars. No neighbours. Only crickets, pine trees, stone, and sea.


Get everything you
need to zoom out

This is a place that brings your energy back. A place that regenerates and heals. Turns worries into good laughs and fears into experiences. 

Place that gives you time to reflect and reconnect. With yourself or with your loved ones. Followed by the sound of crickets and the smell of pine trees.

“It was like dance for our senses – sounds, colors, textures – all that island life magic.”
— Ebba, Sweden

The house

Two floors, four bedrooms with four bathrooms, kitchen, dining area, and a big garden are there for you. 

You will also find chopped wood sticks for the fireplace, fine music and book selection, and cosy nooks where you can spend your quality time.


You will find there everything you need for preparing your meals, just like home.

Come inside

“Nothing beats warm croissant, homemade jam and butter after long morning swim.”
— Jan, Netherlands
Dining area

Big wooden table inviting to gather with your people around food, wine and stories.

Reading corner

If you are searching for some “me” time, there are plenty of little corners where you can disconnect.

“We would lit the fire and listen jazz records on repeat – it was just what we needed.”— Matthew, US
Romantic garden

Immerse in the cricket symphony and take a moment for yourself or your loved ones.

Welcome backet

Food is important in our family — we make our organic honey, olive oil and jam from fruits from our garden.

We will welcome you with a basket full of our products. If you like something, you can buy it as a souvenir before leaving. 🙂

How to get there?

1. The first stop is Split – take the ferry or catamaran from there to Hvar.

Ferry: Split to Hvar — 90 minutes
Catamaran: Split to Hvar — 60 minutes

2. Once you are in Port of Hvar, we will pick you up by small boat and take you to Pakleni Islands.

Our boat: Hvar to Pakleni Islands — 10 min

“Modern and cosy gateaway close to Hvar.”

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